Library Open – Limited Hours

All library facilities are open with limited hours and services. Curbside pickup is now by appointment only. Check our reopening page for more details about hours and restrictions.

Watch our website and social media for updates.

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Base Fees for Up to 4 Hours:

  • Not-for-Profit Organization $10.00
  • For-Profit Organization $50.00

Service Fees

  • Each additional Hour Fee Not-for-Profit Organization $5.00 | For-Profit Organization $25.00
  • Room Rearrangement Fee Not-for-Profit Organization $10.00 | For-Profit Organization $10.00
  • Refreshment Fee Not-for-Profit Organization $15.00 | For-Profit Organization $30.00
  • Extraordinary Cleanup Not-for-Profit Organization at cost | For-Profit Organization at cost
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Cold boxed or bagged meals are permitted. Please see policy for more details. 

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