All Library Locations Closed Tuesday, November 3 for Election Day

The Main Library will be open to the public for voting from 6:00 am - 7:00 pm.



Operating Policies


  • Appendix 0:      Rules for Procedure for Public Meetings and Hearings
  • Appendix 1A:   Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of Policies and Procedures Affecting Access to Library Materials, Services and Facilities
  • Appendix 2A:   Certain Rules and Restrictions on the Use of Services and Facilities
  • Appendix 2B:   Schedule of Fines and Fees
  • Appendix 2C:   Schedule of Loan Periods and Restrictions
  • Appendix 3A:   Hours of Operation
  • Appendix 3B:   ALA Statement of Professional Ethics
  • Appendix 3C:   ALA Library Bills of Rights
  • Appendix 3D:   Code of Conduct
  • Appendix 4A:   Role of the Board of Library Trustees
  • Appendix 4B:   Role of the Trustee
  • Appendix 4C:   United for Libraries Public Library Trustees Ethics Statement
  • Appendix 4D:   Role of the  Executive Director
  • Appendix 6A:   Noise Zones
  • Appendix 7A:   ALA Freedom to Read Statement
  • Appendix 7B:   ALA Freedom to View Statement
  • Appendix 7C:   ALA Statement on Labeling Systems
  • Appendix 7D:   ALA Statement on Rating Systems
  • Appendix 8A:   Guidelines for Display Cases and Art Exhibits
  • Appendix 10A:  Use of Digital Resources

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests

Learn about the records we keep and how to make an FOIA request.


Inspiring connection, curiosity, and joy.


We welcome everyone to access diverse materials, collaborative spaces, technology, programs, and services.

Code of Conduct

Be Kind - We welcome everyone.

  • Use polite language and courteous behavior.
  • Verbal threats, acts of violence, or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Be Respectful - We honor your freedom to read and view.

  • Respect the collection and building, and help us maintain them.
  • Conversations and audio devices should not disturb other people.
  • Honor privacy and respect boundaries.

Be Safe We work to offer a safe environment.

  • Keep your belongings with you.
  • When you bring family members to the Library, keep them close. Caregivers are expected to monitor and control the behavior of their children and vulnerable adults.
  • Follow policies and make good decisions.

Staff and visitors must work together to ensure that everyone can experience a safe, clean, pleasant, and productive environment.

We are here for you. Tell us your concerns, and we'll do our best to come to a resolution.