Strategic Plan

This plan represents the overall strategy for the Library over the next three years and was presented to the Board of Trustees for approval in September 2018.

Our new Strategic Plan is the result of listening to the community through surveys, comments, and focus groups. It focuses on our strengths and inspires growth and change for the future. We remain committed to our community and core services and are excited about the focus this plan will bring.

Download the plan. 


Inspiring connection, curiosity, and joy.


We welcome everyone to access diverse materials, collaborative spaces, technology, programs, and services.

Strategic Initiatives


We strive to ensure that individuals have exceptional interactions with the library and are connected with resources and services that increase their quality of life.
We exceed expectations.


We work continuously with the community to increase our reach and expand our impact.
We are a valued community partner.


We strive for sustainability in our practices, facilities, and human and financial resources.
We are a resilient organization.



  1. The library has comfortable, flexible spaces that encourage use and connection.
  2. The library’s collection is vibrant and convenient to access.
  3. The library is committed to quality patron interactions.


  1. The community has high awareness of library services and programs.
  2. The library interacts with its diverse community to discover and respond to current needs of all groups.
  3. The library creates and deepens meaningful partnerships with local organizations and businesses.


  1. The library is a trusted steward of resources.
  2. The library is a preferred employer that values staff development and retention.
  3. The library’s systems and facilities are resilient, modern, and efficient.