Teen Scene

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Vampires in the Movies!

Calling all Buffy fans! Sink your teeth into this enriching and entertaining program filled with movie clips, folklore, and trivia about famous vampires in film. December 14, 2010, 7 - 8:30 p.m. (PSST!... Join our Facebook Page Fan Contest. Simply pose with Edward near our stairs and upload your...


Exclusive Author Interview with Susan Kaye Quinn!

Susan Kaye Quinn is a local author of a new young adult novel published over the summer, called Life, Liberty and Pursuit. It's a captivating love story about Eliza, a college-bound teen, and David, a navy recruit. You can download the book's first chapter for free on this official...


The Walking Dead: a review

Meet Rick Grimes, a dedicated family man and police officer, who gets shot during a car chase and gun-fight with a criminal suspect. After waking from a coma in the hospital, he quickly comes face-to-face with a horrifying new reality: the world he knew is gone forever. The eery...