Youth Fiction Review: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Posted by: TracieP | Posted on: May 02 2016

After a hurricane wrecks havoc on a ship, a single undamaged crate washes ashore on a remote island. Curious otters accidentally activate the robot inside, booting up ROZZUM unit 7134. Roz may not have been designed for life in the great outdoors, but her robot brain is capable of observing, learning, and adapting. She learns to communicate with the island's animals, adopts an orphaned gosling, and soon becomes an important part of the island's community. Together, Roz and her adopted son (Brightbill) endure storms, adverse winter weather, and technological threats with honesty and gentle humor.

Told through short chapters and grayscale illustrations, The Wild Robot is a fresh adventure/survival story with a twist of science fiction and an excellent read-aloud.