Early Literacy Station

The AWE Early Literacy Station is an all-in-one digital learning center for children ages 2-10 that is located in the children's area of the Main Library. It is designed to optimize educational effectiveness while making learning fun.

ELF logo

The Early Literacy Station allows children to explore educational technology safely and easily on their own. An imaginative interface encourages exploration by readers and pre-readers. Children simply move the cursor around to discover more than 50 exciting programs and activities. The need for adult intervention is minimal although two sets of headphones are provided so that a parent is able to work with a child.

Elementary Learning Fun Child-Safe Browser (ELF) for Home Use

a child using the early literacy station

The Elementary Learning Fun Child-Safe Browser (ELF) incorporates special technology that allows children to easily explore wholesome and age-appropriate educational sites with 100% safety. ELF has the same 7 subject areas as the Early Literacy Station, plus Puzzles & Fun; organizing over 100 sites by subject area and interest point. All sites are carefully chosen and offer highly engaging, free-use educational resources on the Internet.

  • ELF can be loaded on a flash drive and used on any home computer running Microsoft Windows with 25 MB of free disk space and a high speed broadband connection (not dial-up).
  • The ELF browser may be loaded on to a USB stick/thumb drive with 64 MB or more capacity for use at home. A high speed Internet connection and 25MB of disk space is required.
  • USB stick/thumb drive available at the Digital Media Center for $6.00.

How to Take ELF Browser Home

1. Insert the thumb drive into the USB port on the CPU.

2. On the Menu screen, navigate to the Reference area by hovering over the magnifying glass (reference icon).

3. Inside the Reference Area, find “Download the ELF Child-Safe Browser” with the ELF icon and click on it.

4. A dialog box will appear that allows you to download a copy of ELF to your thumb drive. If that thumb drive isn’t found, a button at the left will allow you to “look” for the drive. Start the download by clicking the “Download” button. Click Save.

5. A blue line will move across the screen (progress bar), and eventually a “Download Complete” message will appear. At this point, the ELF setup-and-install software has been transferred to the thumb drive. Click Close and remove the thumb drive