Youth Fiction Review: Pax by Sara Pennypacker

Posted by: TracieP | Posted on: Feb 23 2016

Pax is a moving middle-grade novel, told from alternate perspectives and set in an unspecified time and place.

War is coming, and 12-year-old Peter's whole world is braced for change. When his father leaves for the frontlines, Peter moves in with his grandfather but must leave Pax--Peter's beloved pet fox--behind. Upon arriving at his grandfather's house, Peter realizes the consequences of abandoning a domesticated fox in the wild and sets out on his own to rescue Pax. While Peter makes his way over 300 miles of wilderness, Pax struggles to survive.

With lyrical prose driving the novel to a heart-wrenching conclusion, this is a powerful and honest tale of love, loyalty, and the true costs of war that will resonate with fans of thought-provoking animal stories (like The One and Only Ivan, Charlotte's Web, Shiloh, and The Underneath).