Youth Biography Review: Whoosh! by Chris Barton

Posted by: TracieP | Posted on: Jul 22 2016

Looking for a book to cool off with during this heat wave? Whoosh! by Chris Barton is the true story of a hard-working scientist who refused to give up on his dream and ultimately made a big splash with an innovative idea. Lonnie Johnson overcame prejudice, discouraging test results, and disappointment en route to becoming an African-American rocket scientist who worked for NASA and invented one of summer's most popular toys: the Super-Soaker water gun. Through easy-to-read text and brightly-colored illustrations, this book demonstrates how trial and error often lead to scientific breakthroughs. It's inspirational message about perseverance and peek into the scientific process will motivate curious kids of all ages, making this book an appealing choice for independent reading, homeschoolers, and use in the classroom.