New Books to Love

Posted by: RachaelC | Posted on: Feb 12 2016

February is the month known for love, chocolate…and great books! Here are three new books I'm in love with…and after you read them, you will be, too.


book coverTruthwitch by Susan Dennard

Why you’ll love it: Safi is a truthwitch; a rare type witch that can see the truth from a lie. Iseult is Safi’s best friend and a threadwitch; someone who can perceive emotions as colored threads. Two best friends become fugitives after running into a powerful guildmaster who will stop at nothing to get his hands on Safi and use her power to rule the world. Action, magic, and two butt-kicking females make Truthwitch a must read for fantasy lovers.


book coverBurning Midnight by Will McIntosh

Why you’ll love it: In the not so far away future, colorful spheres appear all over the world. No one knows where they came from or why--all Sully knows is that they are in demand. So he sells whatever he can find every day in the market. He makes just enough to pay for him and his mom to live. When he meets Hunter, a girl on a mission to find a rare sphere worth millions, they team up. Now they are in a race against a billionaire con artist to find the sphere. Who will get there first?


book coverIt’s All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick

Why you’ll love it: Caitlin is a good girl. She doesn’t party. She doesn’t disobey her parents—and she lives an overall sheltered life. Her cousin, Heller, is exactly the opposite. Heller is a typical famous teenager: a wild child partier who is fresh out of her latest stint in rehab. When Caitlin is volunteered to chaperone her cousin (and former best friend), she is less than thrilled about it. All Caitlin has to do is get Heller to the red carpet in one piece. How hard can it be?


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