Graphic Novel Review: Our Expanding Universe by Alex Robinson

Posted by: TracieP | Posted on: Apr 04 2016

How does time change friendships? Masterful graphic novelist Alex Robinson explores the tension that drives transformation in Our Expanding Universe.

Fluid lines and natural-sounding dialogue unfolds the challenges of five thirtysomething New Yorkers navigating growing families, affairs, and relationships strained by increasingly disparate life values. Scotty, Billy, and Brownie have been friends for years, but their lives have begun to diverge. Unhappily married Scotty is expecting his second child. Billy is about to become a father, and isn't ready for the responsibilities of parenthood. Brownie, meanwhile, avoids growing up altogether by openly disdaining marriage and children.

When Billy and Brownie discover a secret about Scotty, each man is forced to make choices that have deep ramifications for their friendship. Between chapters, Robinson inserts plain-language discourse about cosmic evolution that develops a context for the personal and interpersonal changes facing the characters. The end result is a slice-of-life graphic novel filled with honesty and depth.