Fiction Book Review: The Nest by Cynthia D. Sweeney

Posted by: CarlyT | Posted on: Mar 22 2016

Cynthia Sweeney’s debut novel, The Nest, is a fast-moving family drama that is full of heart. The Plumb siblings, Leo, Jack, Bea and Melody, were promised an inheritance by their late father when the youngest sister reached her 40th birthday. Over the years, the nest egg has grown into a substantial amount and the siblings are expecting the money to solve their financial over extensions. There is just one problem – the irresponsibility of the eldest Plumb, Leo. Their mother has drained the nest of most of its money in order to pay off a young woman whom Leo injured in a car accident. Will Leo be able to replace the money or will the Plumb siblings be forced to reckon with diminished expectations?

Told from multiple points of view and filled with satirical looks at New York City wealth, the literacy scene, and mommy culture, The Nest features complex characters and plenty of dysfunctional family drama. Readers who have enjoyed books by Emma Straub, Jami Attenberg or Meg Wolitzer will like this similar contemporary family story.