Fiction Book Review: Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Posted by: CarlyT | Posted on: Jun 04 2015

Ani FaNelli seems to have the perfect life – a glamourous job at a woman’s magazine in New York City and a rich handsome fiancé - but beneath the glittering façade, Ani’s dark past lurks and threatens to destroy her. The action moves between the present day and the fall of 2001 when Ani was known as TifAni and newly enrolled in the exclusive Bradley School in Philadelphia’s Main Line suburbs. TifAni dreams of fitting in with the popular old money crowd at the school and makes a number of bad decisions until shocking events beyond her control change her life forever.

Ani is not a likeable character; she is caustic and cruel but as her past is revealed in more detail, readers understand why she became status obsessed and selfish. More than just a suspense novel, Luckiest Girl Alive also explores social class, gender roles, and power relationships. Readers should be aware that this is a dark book that can be violent and disturbing but it is also a fascinating psychological suspense novel that asks “What happened?”