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Donations of $100 or More

Donor Name In Honor Of Date of Donation
Dave & Rachel Simons Charles Simons 3/9/2017
Roosevelt University Charles Simons 3/9/2017
Amy Simons Charles Simons 3/3/2017
Elizabeth Madson Charles Simons 3/3/2017
Dorthy Erickson Charles Simons 2/14/2017
Arthur Smith Charles Simons 2/14/2017
Jayne Cameron Charles Simons 2/14/2017
Dave Gilmartin Charles Simons 2/14/2017
Friends of Charles Simons Charles Simons 2/14/2017
Anthony and Michelle Conforti Rosalie Kuttig 1/20/2017
Paulette Kuttig Rosalie Kuttig 1/11/2017
Nancy Cullerton Rosalie Kuttig 12/26/2016
Steve and Lan Starke Rosalie Kuttig 12/7/2016
Bob and Gloria Starke Rosalie Kuttig 12/7/2016
Chris and Agnes Cullerton Rosalie Kuttig 12/7/2016
David and Angela Norton Rosalie Kuttig 12/7/2016
Family and Friends of Rosalie Kuttig Rosalie Kuttig 12/7/2016
Donald Giancaspro James Kelemen 11/9/2016
Donald Giancaspro James Kelemen 10/6/2016
Insight Financial Group, Inc. Our Client 12/21/2015
Sister City Association of Palatine 7/1/2015
Family and Friends of Clint Curtis Clint Curtis 7/1/2015
Sellers Family Ruth Sellers 1/14/2015
Karen Reshkin and Mike O'Regan 12/30/2014
Linni Pesch Patrons and Staff 7/2/2014
Chicago Children's Heart Association 7/1/2014
Jewel Osco 12/30/2013
Carrie Scheidegger Carol Groebe 11/10/2013
Margaret Kay Smith Carol Groebe 9/24/2013
Dawn O'Fallon Art Diaz 10/2/2012


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